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Shamika Vaidya

Founder, The Zokart

The result day of the 10th board exams!! I think it's the scariest day of every Indian student's life. I remember I couldn't sleep for days as I was super tensed with my performance in the exams. Finally, I got the results, and saw 90% on my scorecard, hush!! I was super relieved. Before I could enjoy this achievement I heard, "This will surely get you an admission in IT polytechnic college!". The decision was already made about my career and without any arguments, I started my journey to become an IT engineer. I was a bright student and scored well in the exams, got myself a job in an MNC... but was I happy?? Almost four years into my IT career and every day I kept thinking about what can be done to make this part of life more interesting? Something related to art is the answer to all my questions but the doubt of making a successful career in a creative field always frightened me...! Due to the wedding and relocation, I had to leave my so-called stable "IT job" (luckily!). The truth behind not doing the boring job but doing something creative was exciting. Now, I started thinking about changing my career more seriously. I told my family about it and surprisingly everyone supported me. I am obsessed with shoes and painting, so I started painting shoes. I gifted myself and my husband a pair of hand-painted shoes, which really turned out well! Finally, on 18th April 2019 I decided, shoe painting is what I wanted to opt as my career. I had no experience or business plans for it. Just two things in my bag - Hope and trust! My father always called me 'Zordar Kalakar' (A great artist) every time he praised me. Hence, I named my Instagram page - ' Zordar Kalakar Store'. Gradually, as we grew, we rebranded ourselves as 'The Zokart' derived from the old name, 'Zo' from Zordar and 'Kar' from 'Kalakar', also the word 'Kart' represents shopping :) Was this something unique in the industry? Maybe not, even one of my friends did this. Making the shoes affordable as well as pretty was always my intention and this certainly helped me to reach untouched customer segments. I wished to spread my art to a larger audience therefore, I started taking bulk orders, added new product range, also got ourselves listed on Hopscotch and Firstcry where I got the opportunity to sell our kid's shoes. Now, The Zokart is reaching new levels. Some milestones have been achieved but it's a long journey. The Corona Virus pandemic has created many hurdles but as Maitree Tailor says,"Life is full of hurdles, we have to jump in order to stay in the race."


1. Are Hand-Painted footwear waterproof?

- Yes! We use acrylic colors that are long-lasting and water friendly. You can easily clean your footwear with water and mild soap.

2. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order we dispatch your order. In case of hand-painted shoes, please check if the artists have started working on the shoes before you cancel your orders.

3. How to exchange and return my order?

- All the hand painted orders cannot be exchanged or returned in any cases unless they are damaged during shipping. We recommend all our customers to double-check their sizes. 

4. How to place an order for customized products?

 Get in touch with us on WhatsApp, Instagram or write to us on

5. Where can I find washing instructions?

We provide washing instructions with our order or you can check below-

A. Do not bleach or use any chemicals

B. Avoid washing in the washing machine 

C. Clean dirt using mild soap and a cotton cloth 

D. Do not use any brushes for cleaning 

6. Can I send my old shoes for customization?

- Absolutely yes! We customize old pairs of shoes as well. Do let us know your favorite theme and we can paint it for you. Customers can send their pre-owned shoes, deliver new shoes or buy our shoes.

7. Can I change the delivery address?

 - Delivery address cannot be changed after the order is dispatched.

8. How do you maintain exclusivity?

- All our customized orders are exclusively made for our customers. The designs are never repeated even if the theme is the same. All customized orders of footwear are fulfilled only after discussing with the customer.